I'm launching into 2009

This is not a post about snowboarding but about cycling. Yes, as today, I got back on the bike for more than just fun rides and commuting. That's right, my off season is now over. Last year, I started to get fast in late August, much too late but I didn't train in the winter months so if I want to meet my goal of starting the season at the level and speed I ended the last one, I better get on it much sooner. With what I learned last year and some tips from a Californian friend, I'll be trying to have a much better training for the 2009 XC race season. Right now, it means mostly just logging miles at low intensities to get a better base than last year, gradually adding more intense efforts later, after the holidays...

I also need to focus on following the plan, something I did on and off (moslty off) last year... If all goes well, I should be able to be more competitive in the Quebec Cup serie, which will be my focus. I'll try to be as good as I can on a race to race basis with, maybe, a second thought on the overall. That means I should be doing more Quebec Cup races than I did in 2008. I'd like to enter all of them but we'll see if that's possible or not, the dates and venues are not out yet but the national calendar gives an hint about some of the dates. After that, I want to enter some of the Cyclocross Quebec Cups next fall... probably with the aim to have fun more than anything else. Let's roll!

But why a picture of Travis Rice with that post? Well, I just did 1H30 on the trainer while watching That's it that's all, Travis Rice new snowboard movie, it keeps my mind away from the fact that pedaling while going nowhere, inside, is pretty boring. And all the snow keeps me cool... I wonder what I'll do when I need to do longer training sessions, The Godfather movies maybe?

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