Sunday muddy sunday

Yesterday, just as CX World Champion Lars Boom and US Champion Tim Johnson were busy showing why they both have their titles in the Netherlands and Toronto respectively, me and Louis-Nicolas went to do some cyclocrossing of our own. We started from the recent Saucisse Cup course and pedaled around two hours in the beautiful and hilly Eastern Townships, just a few pedal strokes north of Vermont. We mostly rode on dirt roads but we also hit a few trails covered with slippery leaves, some grass, greasy mud and even some cold streams. Came back with big smiles on our faces and much less mud than we expected. Thanks for the area tour Louis-Nicolas...

While we're in mud, I was told today was Irina Kalentieva's birthday so: С Днем Рождения... or something like that.


Masini said...

Good stuff. Makes me wonder why I don't ride this bike year round.

Dan Gerous said...

You don't? ;)

I will, most of the roads I train on around me are really rough, some are filled with huge potholes and cracks, others are gravel, not fun on a road bike so the 9 Ball will be my primary training tool year round.