The suers get sued

Not sure exactly how the saying goes but I think it's something along the lines of don't piss against the wind... Law and marketing firm Specialized (who also happens to sell bikes), who have made their way to be one of the biggest company in cycling by Microsofting other companies, buying other people's inventions and suing everyone they can have now made, yet again, a bad ethical move it seems and are now the ones getting sued. In french we say l'arroseur arrosé.

The big red S wheels are apparently violating some patents from the company that has revolutionized bicycle wheels in recent years, NoTubes. I hope Stan wins but I also hope he knows what he got into, Specialized take their name because there are two things they do very well, they are specialized in marketing and legal court bullshiting. That could end up in a few different scenarios:

1: Specialized do what they've done in the past: buying Notubes to shut them up and steal their ideas and technologies.

2: Specialized drag the court process for so long and multiply the legal fees to the point NoTubes are out of money and are forced to shut down.

3: NoTubes wins, get a chunk of cash, start giving away wheelsets to racers in need and a movie is made about the thing with a 'from the heart' message: even the small guys can win against the big bad evil. Sinyard will be played by Jack Nicholson... or maybe Malcolm McDowell.

4: The rest of the cycling industry secretly finance Stan's defense to make sure Specialized get a well deserved lesson.

5: Specialized lose the case, pay up, then sue NoTubes because they use red and white on their decals, getting back all the money they paid and then some...

Whatever happens, Let's hope NoTubes will not be hurt in the process, they have changed the way we look at tires, rims, tubes (what?) and flats. Makes me feel very good about my wheel and sealant purchase.


double d said...

Dan, I worked for a mid-sized brand that was able to secure a cease and desist order against Specialized for patent infringment on a footwear desing. My former employer was quite a bit bigger than Stan's but did not have the full force corporate muscle of Specialized...they took on the giant and won. It can be done. We can do our part by continuing to ride brands that come up with their own great ideas!

Dino said...

Great story.

I ride on Stan's rims with sealant and it certainly revolutionised my riding and approach to all things wheels.

Here's hoping the small guy can give the big guy a real thumping in the courts!

Anonymous said...

amen. spec is such a rip off company it is goofy.

notubes do their own thing and have certainly lead the way the last 5 years, great wheels.

does not surprise me that S is doing this. not at all.

kevin b

Tom said...

Stan's rims rules!
If there is an infringment, I certainly hope Stan wins!