More 9 ball

As promised, more pictures of my latest Cannondale. I only took a short spin around the block without my cycling shoes but it feels very stout and efficient. I will probably need new brake cables and housings though. The gearing is not very cross like with a small 34T and a big 50T chainrings but this bike will be split between cross and a rough road bike so I'll keep it as is for now. Also, I'm more used to Campagnolo Record shifters and it's separate up and down shift paddles/buttons so the SRAM Red Double Tap shifters were weird at first but after only a few clicks, they seem nice so I think they'll grow on me... Big thanks to Tim and Lyne for this one.


The Jackal said...

I bow to your greatness!!!!! So cool that they were able to help you out and score a SWEET CX bike.

bluecolnago said...