Saucisse Cup race report

So how did the first edition of the Saucisse Cup go you ask? Very well except for a few details like chronometer problems and maybe the number of racers that wasn't high enough... well, that's putting it lightly, we were only three! We were few but we had a great time though. We first had a few hours of warm-up at Burke, then we jumped in the car without even taking off the cycling shoes (we did take off our helmets) and went to the venue. We then went together for a course pre-ride and then, it was go time!

Due to the ridiculously small field, we tweaked the format quite a bit. We scratched the duel style and did individual time trials instead. The start was at the highest point of the course and we immediately headed down on dry loose dirt, then across a grass patch, then down in a swamp... yes a swamp but it was covered with tree trunks so we could pedal through it without sinking all the way to our waist. After that, we had to do a loop that was mainly some double tracks under trees but the last part of the loop was on a slow and power sapping soft grass with lots of ruts, it really killed your rhythm. After that, back through the swamp and up to the start/finish line... That's the first part, at that point, the time was still running and you had to drink a beer.

So the overall top three (funny, I know) went like this:

3rd: Martin (2nd on the bike split, 3rd for the beer)

Martin posted a pretty good bike split but lost valuable time while drinking.

2nd: Dan (1st on the bike, 2nd with the bottle)

I was the fastest on the bike, even though I missed a corner on the way back. I thought I had a pretty decent time with the drinking too but that was until the event host went...

1st: Nico (3rd on the self-shifting bike, 1st with the guzzlin')

Nico posted the slowest bike time but drank his way to the win in impressive fashion. Congratulations!

The analysts among you will be quick to conclude that it pays more to do some beer drinking training than bike training so I'll work on that until the next edition: screw the mileage and the intervals, I'll be at the bar 4 nights a week! It was a small event but it was more of a test this year, there will be more invites for the next edition, a different course and a better organization but the main idea will remain, it's a race but it's also a party to celebrate the end of the cycling race season... Hope to see some of you next time!


Anonymous said...

Yes Sir ! Saucisse Cup International !

There will be more for sure!

Nico " The Champion! "

The Jackal said...

Looks like the camera must have had a few beers too. Blurry vision and all.

Dan Gerous said...

Yeah that camera should go to AA meetings, it's out of control, between life and death.