Saucisse Cup 08

Tomorrow will be the first edition of the famous-to-be Saucisse Cup. It's a bike race and/or a party, celebrating the end of the cycling season. This year, the event is an invitational so I'll keep the location secret but projects are in the air, next year could see the event crowning a new race serie...

I'm not sure how many people will race this year but, 2 or 138, it should be a success. And to prepare properly, we are going for a warm-up that should last a few hours in Burke VT... I might post some pictures and/or videos, if they are showable of course.

The description and rules go along these lines... for now (they could be changed as we wish during the event):

  • The course consists of a very short loop (less than 5 minutes).
  • It's an elimination duel, two racers at a time.
  • The race will be held in the evening so it will be dark.
  • Before each round, you have to drink a whole beer, shotgun style might be the way to go.
  • As each round winners move on, they will drink another beer before each duels.
  • The overall winner will have drank the most and the prize will probably be more beer or a trophy made of sausage.
  • You can use whatever bike you want, XC and CX bikes are the best choice.
  • You can dress however you want, just make sure your cape doesn't get stuck in your rear wheel.
  • Spectators and eliminated racers are encouraged to keep on drinking and cheer on the racers.
  • Good luck!

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