Fall riding

I always enjoy riding in the fall. You don't get too hot, it smells good, colors are beautiful and you have the added difficulties of the slippery combo of dead leaves on the ground and mud underneath, together, they make a slippery and unpredictable trail surface. This year, I also enjoy fall as the post race season. Just riding for the pure enjoyment of riding, no pressure to finish a set of intervals or beating the clock or the other racers. Smiles, fun, friends and enjoying the time for good rides before winter arrives.

So in that state of mind, I went back to the Kingdom Trails to do some fun rides with a few friends this weekend. We rode for a couple of hours on saturday and then headed to Sherbrooke to avoid the usual camping in the Burke area, it's getting a bit cold to camp for my tastes so the warmth of a friend's house was very welcomed. We were supposed to go back to Burke on sunday but some were still sore/bruised from the previous day and we all slept a bit too long so a few of us decided to go explore the trails on Sherbrooke's Mont Bellevue... I knew a bit about the terrain as the samll mountain was where I learned to ski many years ago and I had done a cross-country running race there when I was young.

The place isn't big with only around 10km of trails but there are a few nice ones, a good place for training that's very fun and there is also a race scene there with a regional race serie and a 24H race every year. There was still some trail sections taped for the last race. The good thing for Sherbrooke mountain bikers is that the little mountain is right in the city, you can easily go there after work or anytime you don't feel like driving too far. We actually went there on our bikes and it took only a few minutes from Lennoxville. i missed going to some decent trails by pedaling right from home. I wished Montreal had something like that to offer. We only have the Mont Royal here and the fun trails are illegal... and I recently refused a job offer in Sherbrooke... Sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn't have my dying camera, I need a new one but believe me, it was beautiful.

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