That's it that's all

This week I put a beanie on for the first time this season, mornings are now cold. With the return of the cold each fall comes the wait for the snowboard season. This year, a movie is getting me very hyped up to go ride the plank... I posted the first trailer for Travis Rice's new film, That's it that's all a while ago but recently saw the second one.

I think it's safe to say this will probably be the snowboard movie that will change the way we think about snowboard movies. Super high quality production meets freaks of nature riders. Triple corked flip things in the wild? You bet. The movie will be out pretty soon, snow at your favorite resort to follow.

Boom! Just like that, this was the first snow related post of the season.


The Jackal said...

Dan, I forbid you from discussing snow. CX season is getting ready to start and I am not ready to get the snowboard out...although it is within easy reach if need be. ;)

Dan Gerous said...

But I still don't have a CX bike!

I do agree that there are still many weeks of cycling to be done, be it mountain, road or cross, I promise the next post will be bike related...