2009 Lefties lose more weight

The current Lefty Speed SL is already very light, actually quite impressive given it's 110mm of travel and the stiffness it offers. For 2009 though, the top of the range racing Lefty went through the weight watchers program and came out at a ridiculous weight of 2.55lbs/1155gr! How did they do it?

For one, there is no negative spring anymore, it uses the Solo-Air technology so the negative air spring is tunes in sync with the main spring. No more negative spring swapping if you are too light or too heavy for the bike size you got. This saves around 40 grams and will make its way on every DLR Lefty. The new OPI lower leg/spindle also helps to shed weight, around 60 grams. It's now forged as a single piece, much slimmer but just as stiff. The above picture shows the new OPI versus the current SL lowers. I'm guessing OPI means One Piece Integration or something. It will probably be more expensive to make but you gotta do what you gotta do to be the world's best XC race fork... Now where's the line to get one?

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