Cyclocross time?

I think I may have unintentionally annoyed a few people by posting snowboard content in my last post. Even though the XC racing season is over, there is still some good riding to be done before winter arrives (that's if you have a winter or if you even stop riding in the winter). If you are a cyclocrosser, the race season is just starting so let's get back to pedaling content.

I haven't been into cyclocross much in the past but the almost roadie on dirt and snow is getting my attention more and more. I don't know if it's because I started racing this year and that I already miss it and want to extend the race season or if it's just to get more training in preparation for next summer but I have the itch to get a cross bike these days. A cross bike could also double as a speedier commuter and a bad weather road training device.

Of course, the Cannondale cyclocross bike range caught my eyes. The CX5 would be a great choice with the beautiful matte black CAAD9 frame with BB30... I wouldn't mind the white CX2 but I'm not sure if I want to spend too much on that one, I spent most of my bike budget building my Scalpel... And riding a too expensive bike in the salted snow of the Montreal winter streets might not be too smart... That's why I may opt for a used, if I can find one of course or an older model a shop might be stuck with.

In the meantime, I have two bikes to fix. First, I noticed my old Amsterdam-style CCM has half of it's rear wheel spokes broken. I want to fix my old F1000 too. The rear wheel is dead, hub and rim so I'm looking for a cheap 26" rim brake compatible rear mountain bike wheel with a 8/9 speed compatible freehub. I don't want to spend much since it's only for my commuter (the one that I use in winter too) so as long as it works and that the rim has good life left, I'd be happy, even if it weighs 3kg. I could take the matching front wheel too so if anyone has a wheelset laying around that needs a new home, let me know. I can buy or trade for an almost new front XTR FD-M971 derailleur or a Syntace P6 31.6 x 400 carbon seatpost...

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The Jackal said...

LOL Nice post

CX5 would be an awesome choice to get going. Sounds like a lot of projects going on up there in the Great White North. I've got similar projects here and it seems that they just keep getting backlogged. ;)