Random Sainte-Anne pictures

The stars the night we arrived at the Mont Sainte-Anne campground, very late. It was the last time we'd see them...

The bikes, stashed behind some trees while we left to watch the 4X finals. Highlight of that night was a spanish guy from the Giant team having a beer bottle duck taped to each hands, he didn't seem to think it was a problem. Sorry, no pictures of him.

Marie-Hélène Prémont wins in front of her home crowd.

The first to come down 'les écureuils' was none other than Julien Absalon, already waaaaay in front of the rest of the field and that's on the first of six laps.

Geoff Kabush raced well that day, ending second. He was deceived that a lot of euros didn't make the trip though.

Julien going for his last lap with a huge lead.

A full cooler, a full beer mini keg and a car full of camping and mountain biking gear, enough to be happy despite the rain.

The Jacques Cartier Park, pretty nice place.

The view from above. We hiked there, the two way walk was about 3 hours I think but I hate walking and my feet and knees hate it even more than I do. It would have been a fun bike ride with lots of climbing, lots of rocks and the way back would have been a great downhill but it wasn't allowed.

Our home for four nights.

Our oven for four days.

In all, nice little trip. It would have been better with more sun but we are already used to it, it's been raining almost everyday for the last... it's been so long that I can't even remember how long! Riding more would have been nice too, I haven't ridden close to enough in the last few weeks so next race should be a suffer-fest. I'll see it as a training, there's no better training to race than race I guess.

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