No 12H tomorrow

Okay, even with most votes encouraging me to do the 12H race that was scheduled tomorrow, I decided to skip it. I have not trained for such an event, I know I could do it, but I would stand no chance to podium... and then it would also hurt my performance for the next week's XC race, my last race this year. I'd like to do good on that one so I'm prioritizing it. I want to keep my placing improvement streak: 44th, 33rd, 27th, 6th... I'd rather do one good race than two crappy ones. Maybe next year?

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Anonymous said...

That is the right choice. Ended the season with 3 races within 10 days and I am BAKED. A week later and I am still not feeling 100%.

A 12 hour race 1 week before an important race would leave you fatigued and less than 100%.

Good luck at your final race.

Kevin B