Fast in the rain

Yesterday, a big storm broke just as I was leaving work but I didn't want to wait there so I decided to just get wet. I have noticed it before but it hit me again, when it's raining hard, you tend to be faster on your bike. One of the obvious reason is motivation, rain hits you in the face, it's cold and you don't want that to last longer than possible so you pedal fast. I read somewhere that there is also a more scientific reason for the gained speed. Water fills all the cracks, holes and small irregularities of the pavement and actually cuts a whole chunk of rolling resistance. Speed is the need so don't let rain keep you inside, just take extra care when cornering, it can get slippery sometimes.


q8Honey said...

I agree, but what explains the speed while listening to music! that i can't seem to understand ..

Dan Gerous said...

I have two theories for the music speed:

1. You can't hear your heavy breathing so you actually don't know that you are pedaling harder.

2. It's illegal in most places so you are pedalling faster to get away from the cops...