Chelsea Quebec Cup report

Straight to the point: DNF again this weekend. Lame, I know... But why? Well let's say good training and a well tuned bike are important to race, I already knew but I was busy/lazy the last few weeks. Both my body and my bike weren't in top shape and it showed.

The start was fast and I immediatly felt I was not in an energized day. First big climb: downshift and a major chainsuck! I hate chainsucks! Once my chain was back on and the cranks spinning again, everybody was far ahead up the steep and long climb. So I grinded my way up, trying to not loose sight of the back of the field. By the time the climb eased a bit, I was getting slightly closer.

Then a flatish part first appeard followed by another climb... and another chainsuck. Crap, keep your drivetrains clean kids! I finally made it to the top of Camp Fortune but I was all alone and way back. I tried to go as fast as I could in the very technical and muddy descending singletracks that followed but it was very hard to go fast, especially with tires that are at their best in dry conditions...

I eventually went over the bars going too fast down a steep and slippery descent. I covered meters between the point where I knew I was going down and the point where I hit the ground, both in distance and vertical drop... Then my bike landed on me. No harm done apart from a banged up elbow and a scared spectator who described my crash as a nasty one but after that, I wasn't going as fast down the hill. I tried to gain some ground again as I left the woods and got into the drier open field but at one point where it was very open, I couldn't even see the next rider so after the first lap, I decided to pull out. The constant wet and dusty dry track was making my drivetrain going worst by the minutes and I knew I would have more drivetrain issues. Having fun is the most important thing and I didn't have enough fun so far that day.

Not too happy with the race obviously but I'm to blame this time. I hadn't train (and barely rode bikes) since my Sainte-Anne race so I wasn't fast or strong. And a good tune-up of the Prophet is in order. The conditions weren't easy either, only 14 riders finished in my category, by the time I got back to my car, I saw three others who had pulled out. Oh well, this season's racing is an experiment, learning is the thing I do most so if I decide to race next season, I'll try to do it more seriously.

Next planned race is next sunday but with a heavy work week with not much time to ride, I may not race this weekend. I wont start either if I don't have time to go through my bike... or get another bike ready in time (wink). I will ride though, I need to get stronger so I'll try to do a lot of climbing if I don't race.

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