World Cup vacations

Like Marie-Hélène Prémont after winning the Canadian Championships in Mont Sainte-Anne last week, I'm tired. But while she has to race almost the exact same course again this week-end, I can kick back with four days off! That's something, last time I had that much straight days off, it was Christmas. I'll try to fill them up well so tonight, I'm going back to Sainte-Anne too for two days, not to race this time (and hopefully not to break any bikes either) but to watch the World Cup races, do some espionage in the pits, ride and do some camping.

I'll be rooting for local Marie-Hélène (who, above and as always, is smiling in the freshly unveiled canadian team olympic kit) and Russian pocket rocket Irina Kalentieva in the women's race and for Kabush and the Cannondale-Vredestein squad (especially the recently crowned Marathon World Champion and 11th times Belgian Champ Roel Paulissen) in the men's race. After that, we're leaving the World Cup circus and go deeper in the woods for some piece and quiet, probably with some more riding too.

Before we left and with a busy schedule lately, I had to do my best impression of a young Keith Bontrager and dig in the garage and the parts bin Wednesday night to quickly build a bike for Miss Gerous... only in my case, it was my own garage. She will now have her own bike so no need to rent one or take one of my collection everytime she wants to ride with me.

I'm going retro and unplugged so no updates for a few days, after that, maybe some exlusive pictures and/or tech news from the pits, I'd like to get more details on the 2009 Lefty SL Solo-Air that's apparently down to 2.55lbs! Since my digital camera is slowly dying, I'll pull out the Lomo so expect some fuzzy pictures...

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