Taurine test 2 passed!

We went back to the Kingdom Trails this weekend and did a long ride with lots of roots, some rocks and some twisty flowy singletracks and the Taurine proved to be an impressive bike even in rougher conditions. The bike was great. Sure the continuous shaking of the ground would be more easily forgotten with a FS bike but it still felt solid and stable and I was still good to go after the few hours of riding. The short wheelbase, steeper head and the bike's stiffness and lack of weight makes it one quick and agile bike when the trails twist a lot. And even at a grade close to 20%, I still didn't even rode in the 29Tfront-34Trear gear combination... This bike will no doubt be a valuable help on the race course.

Speaking of race course, I haven't raced in a few weeks now, I went easy after the last race and never got back to a regular training but I felt good during the last few long rides recently so I may end up going to Mont Sainte-Anne to sample the course of the next round of the World Cup on my World Cup level bike. The Quebec Cup is held there next weekend but I would need to upgrade from a provincial to a national licence in order to race, need to figure that out... The following week, I'll also be there but this time to check how the pros do it, sneak in the pits and have some fun...

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