Our weekend in the Kingdom Trails

Steakface blazing by in the Sidewinder

Back from Burke VT where we had fun as usual, even with the storms, the rain and enough mosquitos to replace our meals. We got to the campground at 4AM sunday morning to meet... or more to wake-up a couple of friends. We setup the tent and tried to sleep but we were woken up a few times by the strong rain. After too little sleep, we ate and headed for East Burke to meet Steakface, making the day a 5 person affair. We then proceeded to do a nice ride which featured some classic Kingdom Trails like the Old Webs, the Webs, Sidewinder, and others.

In the Old Webs

After our ride, we got back to our campground to first dive into the lake, then eat on a nice fire... It was not to be, rain came back in a stormy way as we were getting ready to prepare our food so we ate undercover and went to sleep under the rain yet again. Our ride on monday was two riders short as Steakface had to be back home and my girlfriend who was renting a bike the day before chose not to ride. So two riders short and our ride was shorter too but it was still nice and I tried to go hard on some sections, particularly climbing sections, then stopping or going back to meet the small group. The day featured a new trail called the Coronary Bypass. This one is a great addition to the network array of fast twisty singletracks.

Your host up a wall in the Sidewinder

And here is a short movie. In true Kerkove style, the first part is me guiding through the flat upper part of the Old Webs trail. I am far from being as smooth as Jeff is though.

The second part is my friend Steakface in the Sidewinder but the video doesn't do the trail justice, the trail is like riding a halfpipe but instead of a U shape, it looks more like a V. To add to the alphabet theme, you can hit high on the G force scale at the bottom of each crossing of the small but steep valley. The climb up around it is worth it to do it twice...

Hopefully, we'll be a bigger group next time.

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