My 1st World Cup

A few thoughts after being at the Mont Sainte-Anne World Cup last weekend, not to race of course but as a spectator. I watched the 4X finals, the last part of the women's XC and the men's XC. We skipped the downhill race, opting to go ride instead. A few notable racers were absent: Irina, new World Champ Marga Fullana and Sabine Spitz didn't cross the Atlantic for the two Quebec rounds of the World Cup. In the men's race, Roel and Jakob weren't there to fly the Cannondale-Vredestein flag but Kashi was, without much luck but he was there. Also in town but not racing was Christoph Sauser who got injured the day before.

As I rode one lap of the course for the Quebec Cup the week before, I can tell the course is not easy. Many steep climbs, though technical sections filled with rocks and roots and add the ugly weather we got the last few days with humidity, rain, storms and you have something to really test the strength and skills. The lead moto actually fell going down the first technical descent.

After winning with a hard fight last week on the same course, Marie-Hélène Prémonttt dominated her race leading from the start to the finish with a good time gap to fellow canadian olympian Catherine Pendrel. I'm guessing knowing the course well help them as they finished in the same positions on the same course the previous week for the Canadian Championships.

Julien Absalon was back to his old dominating self and rode solo to win with a big margin. Geoff Kabush (or Kabosch like the annoucer was saying) was impressive and rode the last half of the race solo for a fine second place. One rider that impressed me was American Champion Adam Craig. He finished fourth but seemed like he was having the most fun, jumping, wheelying and basically doing what people who really enjoy mountain biking do when just riding with their friends.


joseph said...

i'm a fellow cannondale nut like yourself. i was curious if you know/ride/race/train with matt hadley or daniel sessford?? they stayed on my floor for a week and trained down here in north carolina, US and have since made their way up to the canada cups and world cup. anyways, keep up the interesting blog.

my rush (its the header): http://grimesjoseph.blogspot.com/

Dan Gerous said...

Looking at your blog, I can say I saw them race but I don't know/ride/race/train with them unfortunatly, we're at different levels, I'm racing in the 30-39 Sport class.