Topeak Shuttle cage

As the Taurine build continues, I noticed there would be a lot of carbon on that bike. From the tip of my fingers when I brake to when I reach for a bottle. I have been a Camelbak user for the last few years but as I started racing, I'm trying to cut down on the bulk so I opted to install a bottle cage. I first noticed the Topeak Shuttle carbon cage on Jeff Kerkove's bike and thought it could fit the bill. Very light, the claimed 17 grams cage comes with gold anodized alloy bolts, a tiny bit lighter than the stock bolts on the Taurine and they will match some other gold accents that will find their way on the bike. Nice bonus.

More? Well, it may not be intended but the cage is bolted to the minimalist packaging with two transparent plastic bolts... so in true weight weenie style, I used these instead of the bolts for the unsed second bottle cage mount of the frame.

The build continues, Lefty, stem, bars, grips and shifers are on, more details to come.


jay said...

Not a huge deal, but Kerkove is sponsored by Topeak too, so could explain why he uses their cage. :) Having said that, I love Topeak products and I'm not even sponsored by them. :)

Dan Gerous said...

I like most of their products too. the Morph pumps are the best mini pumps I have used, like always having a floor pump on your rides.

Jeff Kerkove said...

I just use what they send :-)

A bottle cage is a bottle cage in my mind.

used2Bhard said...

Be careful not to slam the bottle when you stuff it in... we got about 20 of 'em for our team last year and they didn't fare so well.