Gear: Formula Oro Puro

Oups, forgot to post this at the right time. This was to be posted on the last day of the Giro to conclude the Italian part of the gear reviews but it slipped between pillows, between pixels... I haven't tried those yet so it will be short.

Formula is a company quickly taking grounds in the disc brake market. Great power, good modulation, light weight, reliability and their North American office has the best customer service in the buisness. The Oro line has a few models starting with the basic (but still great) K18 to the lightish Puro, with some DH models in between. In fact, they are all the same brakes but lever blades (shape and material) differ, some have the pad contact adjustment lever, different pads, finish and bolt kits.

Mine are the gold and racy Puros. They come with Ti hardware, kevlar braided hoses, alloy backed pads and carbon lever blades. Formula sell their brake kits without rotors and adaptors so you can fit them with the size you want/need. With 160mm rotors, the Puros are slightly above 300 grams per end. Not too bad but other offerings from a few other brands are now lighter (maybe not as good performing though). That's until next fall when Formula will introduce the new R1, available with either magnesium or carbon levers, one whole brake (lever, caliper, hose, fluid, rotor and all mounting hardware) should be 300 grams with a 180mm rotor and 280 with a 160mm. New rotors with alloy carriers (à la Hope) will be available.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Formula is a Topeak-Ergon team sponsor. It was my first time using Formula brakes... I must say, it's the best I have ridden.