Let's race!

Or should I say 'let's suffer!'... Looking at the XCO course for tomorrow's first Québec Cup in Bromont, right after the start, we'll have to point our bikes straight uphill, the opposite way of a downhill run... I think the strategy will be to start not toooo fast and attack the long first climb at a good but reasonable pace while being careful not to overcook it, especially on the first lap. That and trying not to get stuck behind people who started too fast. I'm normally a good climber but I'll be on a 27lbs 140mm FS trail bike, like my Subaru, I need more time than most to warm-up and I have no clue about my current condition so I hope I wont get too excited from the gun.

It initially was supposed to rain but now looks like it wont. I already switched my tires for some that can handle the wet, but they'll do okay even if it's dry. The Hutchinson Bulldogs give a good compromise of fast rolling and lightweight but the knobs and narrow stance makes them handle mud just fine.

Look at me, trying to set a race plan as if I knew what I was talking about... Let's see if my tone changes when I report back afterwards.

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