Gear: Sidi Dragon 2 Carbon SRS

Here is the first of a weekly serie on new parts, components and gear that I will be using this year. Together, they will form the build of my new bike or the kit I use. With the Giro d'Italia starting today and lasting three weeks, let's start with the Italian parts.

If there is something the Italians are known for, it's gelato but that has nothing to do with bikes so another Italian know-how is shoes and you can't say Italian cycling shoes without talking about Sidi. My feet will be spending many hours trapped into the very tech Dragon 2 Carbon SRS. Great fit, stiff carbon sole, secure straps in three different style... you can even adjust the heel hold. Sidi are known to outlast most other cycling shoes and every single buckles, bolts are replacable but the SRS brings durability a notch above with replacable rubber lugs and carbon sole plates.

Fit, for me at least is tight and without slop, perfect to put the power to the pedals. The ankle Caliper buckle, the mid Techno II buckle, the anti-slip velcro toe strap and the Heel Cup System all create the perfect fit to merge your foot and shoe into one. The carbon sole is very stiff to also help transfering weight on the pedals, if you hike a lot though, you would probably be better off with a Sidi non-carbon sole, these are definitly not made for walking!

The lugs are quite tall compared to most shoes I have had before. Normally, I would dremel down the lugs surrounding the cleat area to keep the float and the easy click ins and outs but after seeing the sole of my last pair of shoes worn down by the Eggbeater's bars, I decided to use a Crank Brothers Shoe Sheild. It's a metal plate you put between the sole and the cleat so it does two things I was looking for: raising the cleat and protecting the carbon sole. Sidi has a similar accessory but while it does raise the cleat, it doesn't provide as much sole protection.

Not enough time in them yet but so far, I don't see myself going back to my previous brands of shoes.

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