Gear: Selle Italia SLR XC

Let's move to the bike now but still in Italy. We each have our own opinions on what are good bikes, bad ones, good forks, bad wheels but one part has to have the most personnal appreciation (or lack of) is the saddle. We each have different bodies and riding position so a great saddle for you might be the worst for me. Some like soft ones with good padding, some like curvy ones, others prefer flatter ones... Personnally, I think the shape of the saddle is the most important factor for it's comfort. I like narrowish saddles with the sides curving deep just the way it was on my very old Coda saddle.

A long training ride on a Fizik Gobi not long ago reminded me how better that old shape was and one of the current saddle with the closest shape to my beat up Coda is the SLR line from Selle Italia. It may scare some people to spend a few hours on that skinny thing but to others, it's like a couch, a very small, light couch. My choice is the XC version with it's kevlar corners for durability, ultra slick sides so your cycling shorts can move as freely as possible, grippier central stripe to keep the butt from sliding. It's got Vanox rails (whatever that means, it's a titanium alloy) and a carbon shell to keep the weight down to a claimed 175 grams, around 190 grams in real life.

The shape is pretty much perfect so even with minimal padding, it's much more pleasant to ride than much heavier saddles I have used in the past. It's also not too long and the rear end is not too high so getting behind the saddles for extremely steep drops is very easy. But don't take my word for it, the secret to saddle comfort is that your saddle and your butt become good friends, we don't have all the same type of friends so you got to find yours...

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K.C. said...

Just stopping in and this blog was so inspiring to me. This is your world and it is so far removed from mine. I cannot even imagine cycling like you do, but that is what is inspiring about it. I am trying to "psych" myself up just to walk 2 miles. So, how different are we? But, just reading your blog gave me inspiration. I was not going to even write anything, because like I said, our world are so different, but then I thought that I should let you know that you in fact did inspire someone today... KC