Winter 1, Avid 0

I knew there would be casualities, like when a country decides to go to war, you know you'll lose something down the road. Well, the first death of my ride all winter adventure are the brakes: Avid BB5.

I was prepared for it, I got them for cheap so if they died, I wouldn't mourn for to long. Being about the worst brakes I have ever used almost makes me feel releived that their days were cut short by rust. Day to day snow, water, ice and calcium gave them a bad case of arthritis until they seized completely, finally succumbing alone in my garage.

Back to the V-brakes then, they are as powerful as the BB5 were anyway and I don't feel like spending money on some proper hydraulic brakes for a commuter. My rims wont be happy though and it's getting time that this winter ends...

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