Snow, rain, warm, cold, rain...

Let's pretend I'm in a training break. Ever since my commuter had it's brakes seized from the salty winter streets, I really have let myself go, just a few quick spins on the trainer inside but I haven't touched the bike to go to work. So yesterday it was warm and sunny, most of the huge amounts of snow in the streets was finally taken away by the city and the remains even started to melt so I took the city bike in to fix it. Put back the old v-brake in front, no brake in the back, old rim-brakable wheels with slicks went back on. Good, I was planning to hop back on it this morning to put more miles in my legs, lungs and heart but... snow showed up, again, now it's rain, lots of it... and rain when there is still a lot of snow makes a real mess, water has nowhere to go so you get miles long and really deep puddles everywhere. Damn spring! I know it's not spring yet but I'm getting tired of this winter that seems like it will never leave.

So the lazy-boy in me opted to skip the commute by bike again this morning and get into the warm, moist, stinky, crowded, bacteria filled subway system. Yuck, worst than riding a bike in the rain, snow and wind if you ask me. I'm hoping Easter will bring warmer temperatures but more importantly, less precipitations so I can start to ride more. My first race is less than two months away now and I really need to get fitter, stronger and faster. I'm anticipating a great deal of suffering and humiliation... it also looks more and more like I will have to start the season riding my 27.5 pounds Prophet and it's very un-racy 140mm of travel.

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