Second winter this season

After quite an impressive start of the winter, we should have known something was fishy, it was too good to be true. Then, as a reminder that global warming is indeed real, temperatures got very high, it rained and all the snow was left or turned into slush. A few days later, temparatures dipped back to normal January levels and the slush froze into hard ice. Dang! I knew it, we can't have a great winter anymore over here.

Today though, I woke up to a nice snow blanket, the bike ride to work was fun and easy but much harder on the way back. That means there was a lot more snow at the end of the day than when I left this morning. And it's still snowing tonight so there is hope. It will snow again later this week supposedly so saturday night, I'm going for an all nighter at Bromont with a few friends for a second start of the winter this season.

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magnetraction from SB2 said...

The Blue Banana is this year's model, I guess its limited edition.