Nokia Air & Style live tomorrow

Tomorrow, you can watch the Nokia Air & Style, live from Munich, right here! Just click to bring the live pop-up window from Freecaster. It starts around 11AM eastern time.


Web site and quote of the day

I know I never have web sites of the day but I got hooked reading Bike Snob NYC today. Funny yet intelligent writing about the cycling world and culture. It's always fun to laugh at over-trendy people so if you just bought a fixie to be oh so cool, consider yourself warned. So, from BSNYC, here is the quote of the day: "Remember: behind every good roadie is a good woman, and behind her is a mountain biker."

Natural Selection

Tired to watch the same riders throw out the same tricks on man made jumps and rails that are always the same? Yes? We all are. Snowboard competitions have become the last place to be surprised and apart from a select creative few, the riding is pretty much always the same. One of the most creative mind in snowboarding today, Travis Rice, seemed to think the same.

Along with sponsor Quiksilver, Trice organized an interesting contest that goes back to the essence of what snowboarding really is by taking away man made jumps, transitions, boxes and rails and go back into the back country where nature dictates the course. The Natural Selection contest will take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from January 30th to February 5th 2008.

To win, it will be more important to have a good style, be creative, read the unpredictable terrain and pick good lines than being able to throw back to back 1080s. And winning is just a secondary goal, pushing the limits of the sport and have fun are the top priorities for Rice. Jackson Hole will even close complete sections of the mountain for days to allow a lot of fresh powder for the riders. The contest is invitational only and the list of riders Travis picked should make the contest an historic one: Travis Rice, Danny Kass, John Jackson, Nicolas Müller, Romain De Marchi, Mark Carter, Mark Landvik, Andreas Wiig, David Benedek, DCP, Gigi Ruf, Bryan Iguchi, Kyle Clancy, Devun Walsh, Bjorn Leines, Sammy Luebke and Hampus Mosesson!

The event will be aired on the Quiksilver web site but I also hope it will be well documented...


A very practical 'How to'

I think this guide was aimed toward road bike racers more than anything else but if, like me, you take your bike to go to parties, shows and any other event where you drink a lot, this might prove to be handy on the way back: Elvis Kennedy’s Guide to Peeing While Riding A Bike.


Winter commuting

Okay that's it, I've had enough of this winter! Maybe not, I like winter and I went snowboarding for the first time this season yesterday and it was good to be back on the board. But there is one thing I really dislike about winter and it's that I usually trade the bike for the subway. I prefer to leave the car alone as much as I can, less pollution, less frequent expensive fuel fills, less time lost searching for parking spots... Montreal's subway system is something though. Always too crowded, too few wagons, it's always stopping because something breaks, a door gets stuck, someone has a heart attack or jumps on the track, they give us a different reason each morning for their crappy service. So like I used to do a few years ago, I decided to go back to my bike to go to work. Using the subway for a few days was more than enough to convince me.

One last night in the warmth before months of cold

To be honest, I didn't use my bike last week because it wasn't winterproof more than anything else. I had slick tires, a dead rear rim and rear hub, no rear brake... could have made for sketchy situations on the streets of Montreal where car drivers don't really care about cyclists to begin with... but now, it's ready! The single speed stole a wheelset from an unused bike I had, disc wheels with knobbies and today, I installed the cheapest disc brakes I could find, Avid BB5. Speaking of those brakes, I really dislike the Avid mounting/aligning system. It's very easy to disalign the calipers while torquing them down so go easy on the mounting bolts, no wonder so many Avid users are complaining of vibrations, noise, pulsing and what not, they are much harder to align perfectly than good old IS mount calipers.

Very ghetto single speed installation and semi theft-proof skewers

For those living in snow covered area but that have never pedaled all year long, you need to be ready if you want to make it all the way through the cold months. You need to be properly dressed and so does your bike. Mountain Equipment Co-op have almost everything you need to face the cold season and they even have a few worthy tips, available in english ou en français. Happy winter!


More snow!

Now that's timing! A few minutes after I finished bolting the wheels of my winter wheels to my car, big fat snowflakes started to fall from the sky!


Bromont opens tomorrow

Finally, Bromont will be opening tomorrow, that's wednesday November 21st at 8H30! Sadly, for now, the resort will be opened until 4PM only for now. Since the snowpark wont be opened from the get go, there will be a few modules temporarily setup in the St-Bruno for the early season riders! Then Friday the 23rd, Mont-Soleil will open and then the rest as snow production and mother nature permit it. Let's all hope it will be the start of a wonderful season.

Here we go...

I woke up in an all white Montreal today!


Last mountain bike ride of the season?

Maybe, maybe not, probably. Today was a beautiful day, cold but still nice. Rolling through mud and water puddles that are covered by a thick layer of ice definitely has advantages.

This probable last ride of the year also marks the semi retirement of my Prophet... What? Well, I'm keeping it but as some may already know, over the winter, I'll be building a custom bike with, at it's heart, a 2008 Scalpel Carbon frame from Cannondale. Some other obvious component choices include a Lefty Speed SL and the Hollowgram SL crankset, not a bad start isn't it? But what else is going to end up on it? You'll be able to follow the building process right here so be patient, it should be easier for you than it is for me.

The Prophet will be the bike for those harsher rides that can use the 5.5" travel and punishes bikes and riders much more, Prévost comes to mind. The Scalpel will be the bike for faster, smoother trails and for the start of my racing career. Stay tuned, it's going to be some serious bike porn!

Ken Block big airs his Subaru!

DC Shoes boss and pro rally driver Ken Block went to New Zealand with the DC snowboard team to do some filming for their second video and... well, nothing much to say apart that he landed pretty hard on the cover of Snowboarder magazine. Here is a video to show it's not a Photoshop trick.


Follow Me Around

Two of the most stylish snowboarders around: Hampus Mosesson and Jakob Wilhelmson.

Snowboarding in Montreal

Snowboarding right in Montreal? Yep!


Bromont started shooting

Less than a month now...


Bromont has snow

Photo taken this week...


First flakes!

There are snowflakes in Montreal this morning!


Travis Rice wins Icer Air... again

Now for some real riding skills, check Travis Rice landing the first ever double backside rodeo 1080 in competition at the recent Icer Air in San Fransisco.

First Chair Last Call

Special Blend lost it's best riders so they recently hired John Jackson but the brand is not the iconic powerhouse it once was. Losing Devun Walsh was a big hit but when JP Walker left, it was as if Forum and Special Blend both lost their souls, thanks Burton for turning team driven companies into just any second tier corporate companies. Backed by more budget though, the company released their movie called First Chair Last Call but unfortunatly, the best part is the name. It's good to see Joni Malmi doing something at last but it has to be the most unimpressive snowboard movie of the decade. Very short and without any inspiring footage, the movie is not worth much. Well, you get what you pay for so guess what? Yes, the movie is free! Go ahead, download and judge for yourself.