Natural Selection

Tired to watch the same riders throw out the same tricks on man made jumps and rails that are always the same? Yes? We all are. Snowboard competitions have become the last place to be surprised and apart from a select creative few, the riding is pretty much always the same. One of the most creative mind in snowboarding today, Travis Rice, seemed to think the same.

Along with sponsor Quiksilver, Trice organized an interesting contest that goes back to the essence of what snowboarding really is by taking away man made jumps, transitions, boxes and rails and go back into the back country where nature dictates the course. The Natural Selection contest will take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from January 30th to February 5th 2008.

To win, it will be more important to have a good style, be creative, read the unpredictable terrain and pick good lines than being able to throw back to back 1080s. And winning is just a secondary goal, pushing the limits of the sport and have fun are the top priorities for Rice. Jackson Hole will even close complete sections of the mountain for days to allow a lot of fresh powder for the riders. The contest is invitational only and the list of riders Travis picked should make the contest an historic one: Travis Rice, Danny Kass, John Jackson, Nicolas Müller, Romain De Marchi, Mark Carter, Mark Landvik, Andreas Wiig, David Benedek, DCP, Gigi Ruf, Bryan Iguchi, Kyle Clancy, Devun Walsh, Bjorn Leines, Sammy Luebke and Hampus Mosesson!

The event will be aired on the Quiksilver web site but I also hope it will be well documented...

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