Are you feeling it?

Well, I'm starting to feel the buzz. No, not the alcohol buzz you get after a few cold ones, the winter anticipation buzz. When you notice the sun goes down earlier everyday, friends asking advice on what board to get, actually looking forward to install the winter wheels on your car, checking your gear only to realize your boots are ripped and want to go to snowboard boots heaven... you start to realize the snowboard season is slowly approaching and you think about snowboarding more and more. Well, it hit me this week.

I know Colorado already had snow, Mt. Baker WA. got 20" this week and no need to mention mountains from the southern hemisphere but up here, I still have weeks, if not months to wait, plenty of time to find myself a new pair of boots. To ease the wait and waste some time, here's one of the teasers for Time Well Wasted, check Sandbox to watch some more...

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