We're OK, Eurok

I know this website is not about skateboarding but, snowboarding, skateboarding, it's all connected, even more so since in a few years, we possibly wont have anymore snow. Plus, I spent a whole chunk of my life and left a few chunks of my flesh having fun on four wheeled planks. If that's not enough, this european tour movie called We're OK, Eurok from the goofs at Girl and Chocolate skateboards is much more than just a typical skateboard movie where you only see people doing tricks or getting hurt. The first part, starting in Paris, then off to Amsterdam by taking the train at la Gare du Nord also reminds me of a great trip I did two years ago with my good friend Lucidik and Rémi, good times!

Great camera work, good editing, interesting soundtrack and of course, talented riders. It's not too surprising that the images are so nice when you think the company is partly owned by none other than Spike Jonze... Take the few minutes and enjoy We're OK, Eurok while I'll go blow the dust off my board and see if I still can do kickflips, noseslides and 2' high ollies.


Anonymous said...

Watched the trailer for the Girl/Chocolate video and want to recommend the Enjoi video "Bag of Suck." Inovative and imaginative skating in every section especially Louie Barletta. The guy is so good and skates everything like none other. Thanks for all of the inside Cannonale info on the blog. I am an avid Cannondale rider from Pennsylvania, now Los Angeles and soon to be Portland so I enjoy all disciplines and fun bike design. Looking forward to the snow as well.

Take care,
James Wilson

LP said...

Commence par des boneless amateur!

gwadzilla said...

when I was in high school the person now known as Spike Jonze was a talented BMXer
if I recall he rode for the Haro Team
maybe even did a ramp tour around america
not sure
he also worked at the local skate shop

he was always talented
he was always driven

I never really knew him
but his skills were visible from across the room