Crank Brothers expand

The company with the slickest logo of the bike industry, makers of everyone's favorite little pedals, Crank Brothers came out swinging at Eurobike this year. They introduced many headsets, no big deal, two cranksets with outboard bearings, about time, their first crankset was sporting the ISIS interface that was already dead by the time the crank came out but the biggest news is the wheels. Yes, wheels and apparently, they are way light and are quite different from most other wheels out there. Paired very short spokes mated to super long nipples. Don't head to your local bike shop for those just yet, they are still in prototype form... and let's hope they will be available in other, less flashy colors.

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gwadzilla said...

their multi tool and their pumps may be as much as my budget or swag opportunities will encounter

they have a great logo
they have a great web site
their taste and design is nothing short of beautiful

but I ride Time Pedals
never felt compelled to try the egg beater