New features

Things change, get better or worse over time, it's just the way it is. Bikes have changed a lot over the last 20 years or so. Today there is more technology in a high-end mountain bike than in many low-end cars. Suspensions, disc brakes, materials went from cromoly to aluminum, titanium and nowadays, the trendy hi-tech material is carbon fiber, everybody want everything made of carbon.

Like mountain bikes, I started this web site without too much ambition, more for my friends but over the months, there have been more and more visitors from all corners of the world. Some just visit, a few post comments, other write to me, ask advices and opinions on bike gear, where to ride around my local area and other things (I surprisingly still haven't got any date requests though)...

To keep the Dan Gerous readers entertained, I have to refresh things a bit. First new thing, there will be polls, updated every week or so. Just scroll down under the links to the right and help me know about who comes here. You can check more than one answer by the way.

I will also start a bike of the week feature soon. The point is just to show off nice bikes, interesting bikes or just plain weird bikes. You'll be able to submit your ride and a few comments or story about it. I may not post them all or not right away but I see bikes that make me drool, make me laugh or make me want to sell everything I own just to get one...

And yup, I'm working on a refreshed design, above is the Dan Gerous new chainlink logo, more will come, real hi-tech with carbon fibers!

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