Cannondale introduces Super Six

Some may have caught my post on the new top end road bike from Cannondale a few weeks ago. Unfortunatly, I had to take it down until the bike was officially released and it now is, so let's hope I wont get Cannondale's lawyer team knocking at my door this time...

The drooling Liquigas team replica

The new Super Six is the first full carbon road bike from the company and shares some technology with the System Six but drops over 100 grams, is more confortable while being race stiff. Both bikes feature the same beefy headset interface, sized at 1.125" at the top to a huge 1.5" at the bottom. The carbon headtube, top tube and down tube piece is basically the same but instead of being mated to an alloy rear end, the rest of the bike is a carbon artwork.

Precision and comfort

Instant acceleration

The new bike is not made in Asia

The BB30 bottom bracket shell and asymetrical chainstays are molded as one and are really beefy to keep things stiff where they should. The seatstays though, are the skinniest I have ever seen, even by old school steel construction standards. They are design to allow some vertical compliance to enhence confort. The full carbon fork is also modified from the System Six fork for a bit more confort without sacrificing torsional and lateral stiffness.

Massive BB and chainstays for explosive stiffness

Thin seatstays for day long confort

The carbon seat tube

Along with the new bike was introduced the SI Hollowgram SL crankset, dropping 73 grams from the already light SI Hollowgram set that we had the last few years. The hollow arms are highly optimized with variable wall thickness and different profiles on each side of the bike to shed fat where it's not needed but keep the thing very stiff and efficient. Ceramic bearings are standard.

Pictures by Cannondale and Cycling News. Now, if they can release more information and pictures of the production Scalpel replacement for 2008, that's what I'm really interested in.


velobob said...

hey dan,
do you know if it will be possible to upgrade my system six bb (pressed in) & cranks from the Carbon SI to these new SL Hollowgrams and cermaic bb?


Dan Gerous said...

No problems Bob, the carbon SI crankset and the Hollowgram use the same BB shell standard, so yes, going to the new Hollowgram SL is possible for you. If I'm not mistaken, every System Six are compatible with the SI cranks, they use a sleeve/adaptor fitted in the frame's BB shell to reduce the size to make them compatible with the smaller regular BB like Campagnolos, Shimanos, FSAs and the rest. In your case, you wont even have to get the sleeve out since you don't have one.

velobob said...

nice!! thx