2008 Gnu boards

Rider's Choice & Rider's Choice Magne-Traction

With shared technologies with sister company Lib Tech, next season's Gnu range is more interesting than ever. One of my personal favorite all-around board, the Rider's Choice gets nice graphics and a new shape... Square tips are back in fashion?

Hampus Pro model

Also interesting is that Hampus Mosesson, snowboard's definition of smoothness, now has a pro model that reminds me of countless hours spent in the basement with my brother back when we were kids... Good times! And that board should provide as much. I'm just a bit disappointed, each colors and sizes should have a different track... Although we still had fun for hours on the same crappy 0-shaped track everyday...

Hampus showing how high you have to jump to earn a pro model

I know we're in the middle of summer but it's always refreshing to check out snowboard stuff when it's way too hot and humidity hits 100%. You can check the rest of the range at Snowboard Mag.

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