Italian style gets dirty

You can always count on Italians to come out with super stylish designs. Cars, motorcycles, shoes and what not. Road bikes also fit in the list but mountain bikes are not commonly associated with the Italians stylish reputation. Scapin aims to change that apparently with their new monocoque carbon racing hardtail, the Fybra. The three pound has some slightly flexing stays to keep your back somewhat happy, has removable highly polished alloy protective plates, one under the downtube for rocks thrown by the front tire, another one behind the crankset area in case you chainsuck. The bike also features an eccentric bottom bracket to fine tune your position on the bike or turn it into the most exotic single speed bike on the trails.

The Roto bottom bracket surrounded by lots of carbon

Downtube protection can be removed for an even lighter bike

Low standover, long seat tube

The whole bike built up, strangely looking very tall

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