Gibo was right after all

After calling Ivan Basso (in pink above) an extra terrestrial when he won last year's Giro d'Italia by a whopping margin, Gilberto Simoni (in yellow) had to retract his comments. By looking at both riders, it was hard not to believe Simoni as Basso looked like he was not even sweating from the effort. Today though, we officially learned Gibo was right.

Ivan Basso won, José Gutierrez came second and Gibo came in third. Now Basso confessed he was doping, Gutierrez is also involved in doping so, assuming Simoni could be clean, that would place the Spider on top, for the third time and going for a fourth win. The Giro d'Italia is the most interesting grand tour, much better to follow than the boring Tour de France. The race starts May 12th and my favorites this year are Damiano Cunego for first, Simoni in second and Paolo Savoldelli third.

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