First mountain bike ride this year

I know I'm late but yesterday, me and Steakface went for our first mountain bike ride of the season. Feels good. I think it was the driest first day of the season ever. Normally, we come back wet and covered with mud but not this time. It's a good thing though, there was no hose to clean up after the ride...

As you can see, you can't fish, you can't start fires, you can't swim, you can't ride a motorcycle or a car, you can't even walk but there's nothing telling us we can't ride bikes. Thanks but I'm wondering how they tow pedestrians, fires and fishes...

I thought I would suffer a lot since I haven't trained much over the winter but I did alright, so did Steakface. We did more loops than we usually do on our first rides each spring and we could have done more. Our bikes (mine: Silver Bullet aka semi-custom Cannondale Prophet, his: Black Stallion aka Cannondale Scalpel 2000 with Crossmax SL's) were great as usual. I was riding the meaty Hutchinson Barracuda 2.3 MRC Medium UST tires front and back for the first time (I only had one on the front late last season) and although they are on the heavy side, they roll much faster than the comparably heavy Maxxis High Rollers and they gripped better than most tires I have ever tried. Only thing is, they are so big and meaty that once in a while, the front derailleur cage will rub the side knobs of the rear tire.

Also, for the first time, we went with my car and it's dual sunroof to check that the bikes are still on the roof. The rack held on.

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