Shit hits the fan

If you ask me, most pro road cyclists have been using steroids, epo, blood transfusions and what not for the last... many years. Lance always chose his words carefully when asked if he ever doped: "I have never failed a dope control test" which you can read as "Yes I dope but I have never got caught so what are you going to do?". His personal attack on another rider who spoke in court against Lance dope advisor, Dr. Ferrari was also seen as a sign he had something to hide. Roberto Heras didn't have such luck, Tyler Hamilton neither, Jan Ullrich officially got his blood matched from a dope shop in Spain, Ivan Basso is about to, Floyd Landis is trying hard to convince us he didn't but he's not fooling many people, Valverde responds to dope accusation in a very Lance Armstrong style: "I am tranquil, I know that I don't have any problem, because if I did, I wouldn't have been able to race in 2006." which again, can be read as "I haven't been caught", Bettini doesn't want to give his DNA, saying he would quit the sport before he does, cyclists with asthma can go through 200km per day for 3 weeks and we could go on...

I see two ways of bringing some credibility to the sport: have the team sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and allow doping, it wouldn't change much other than we would stop suspect every racer of being cheats. Or they could get serious about the fight against doping. Real tests, lifetime bans, very high money penalties to riders, teams and sponsors, DNA and constantly updated medical profiles of riders... Another solution is to make the sport a bit more human. Let's face it, who would attempt to complete the Tour de France on water and regular food?

I guess I don't have a real solution, I'm just tired of the dishonnesty of the whole pro cycling community. We know what's going on so stop acting like it doesn't exist, you are all bad actors anyway. It's like a reality show on television, we all know it's not actually real, they have scriptors, they are actors (maybe first timers and bad ones but they still are) and they can only fool the most naive viewers.

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Forrest said...

Yup, its been a dope show for a long long time. How many former world champions have tested positive in the last 5 years? But at the same time people have known that football players have been on roids but that didnt keep people from watching it. I think its funny that the top 5 from the 2005 tour couldnt race in the 2006 tour and then Landis tests positive. I dont know if there is a fix. The funny thing to consider too is that their are only 9 millionares in cycling in 2006. Compare that to the pay of any other professional sport. I thinks its a joke that Discovery signed Basso, they lost my fan support.