The year's best

Yesterday, Bromont had the best conditions by far this year and being where we are in the season, I would be surprised to see anything like it in the remaining month. Over a feet of fresh and constant snow falling all through the night, not much people, virgin tracks between trees, nice natural jumps with puffy landings and lots of leg eating bumps.

We now are in the last week of night boarding at Bromont, the last night will be next saturday but already, tonight is the last chance to hit Versant du Lac and it's tree runs where I spent most of last night. Then it's going to be, hopefully, sunny days in slushy snow for the last stretch of the season. Enjoy what's left.

CORRECTION: With the snow they got over the weekend and since it's now snowing again, Versant du Lac will stay open until March 24th.


lindsey said...

cool pic.

Dan Gerous said...

That's the famous Peter Line at the Holy Oly Revival under similar conditions we were blessed with this week-end.