To most people, spring is a beautiful thing. You can leave the big winter clothes behind, you can see people with less big winter clothes, the sun stays up longer and longer (changing to day savings time helps), everybody seems to be happier, smiling more often... except for some snowboarders who see spring as the end of the season.

Still, snowboarding in the spring is nice. Sure, the days are counted but the air feels good, the snow is soft so those new tricks you can't quite land yet are not as scary... and you can drink a beer outside in the sun after the day. I ride mostly at night except when March-April comes, only then can I stand all the novice skiers, crowds, long waiting lines.

I went snowboarding sunday, during the day. It was a beautiful day, warm, sunny, a real spring day. I didn't make the most of it though as I was teaching a kid to ride. And as soon as the sun set, the snow quickly became rock hard. Maybe I'm a good teacher, maybe he was scared to fall on the hard snow but he eventually caught it and could control his board pretty good. Next time, I'll ride like I always do in the spring: hopping everywhere like a bunny in the mating season...

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