A first from Forum snowboards

Forum Snowboards recently made their latest movie, That, available for purchase on the Tunes Music Store. What's so special about that? Well for starters, it's only 1.99$ USD but it's not that. First snowboard movie on iTunes? Yes but there is more to it.

The release is the first movie on iTunes from an independant company which is the biggest problem with iTunes I think. There is almost only pop crap from major labels: movies, tv shows or music alike. Worst, in Canada, there is still no movies and tv shows. It may be better in the US as independent record companies are somewhat present on the digital store like Stones Throw Records that has almost all of it's catalog and a few exclusivities on iTunes but they are nowhere to be seen up here. So since I'm not a big fan of Barenaked Ladies, Celine Dion and Nickelback, I don't use the iTunes Music Store. But back to the subject... Even though Forum are saying the movie is available in North America, I never found it when logged in as a Canadian and the provided link will get you to the following notice:

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