Another player in the derailleur war

A short 'on top of my head' history of the bike derailleur world. First there was Shimano, Campagnolo and Suntour. Then, Sachs came in, Mavic too, Suntour disappeared, Mavic stuck with what they know best, wheels, a few companies started to make machined after-market derailleurs in the CAD-machining-anodize-everything-90's, then Grip Shift came along, then they bought Sachs, then became SRAM...

On the road, it's Shimano vs. Campagnolo (Campagnolo Record gets my vote) and on the dirt, it was Shimano all along until a few years ago when SRAM started to make decent products (Shimano XTR still gets my vote on the dirt). Last year, SRAM started making road components to rival the giants from Japan and Italy. But soon, a new player will join the fight.

Just when the single-speed trend is getting more adepts everyday and that many derailleurs and shifters are tossed in the spare parts bin, FSA has announced they will enter the bike drivetrain market, starting with chains, then road groups and eventually, mountain groups. Competitors are welcoming the news and consumer can only gain from this, more competition usually mean more choice and more innovations and FSA are known to produce quality components already.


Anonymous said...

I already have some FSA components on my MTB combined with some shimano stuff. If FSA will launch new line of components, then, i i'm gonna have to junk the none FSA components on my bike and upgrade it to all FSA componentry. I think FSA proved its position and worth in the market. FSA is known for durability, good performance and reliability. I will definately shift to an all FSA componentry.

Dan Gerous said...

They'll put out quality products, I'm sure but I'll wait at least a year or two before I swap my bikes to FSA, it's not easy to develop complete groups and the step is quite high wit the current XTR and X.0 groups.