2008 Lib Tech boards

Still pushing what we think a snowboard is, Lib Tech has a few new things for the upcoming 07/08 season.

The new Skunk Ape is for big footed riders and features the Air Core that was featured on the Lib long boards before to drop some weight from usually heavier wide and long boards. Of course. it also features Magne-Traction as most of the range does.

The recently introduced Skate Banana is there and it's crazy camber has trickled up to other boards like the 1200$US Cygnus X1 and is also available on the multi-awards winner and arguably one of the best all-around board on the market, the venerable TRS.

Travis Rice will have two different boards to ride next year (well, he probably already has more than that). The Trice Magne-Traction isn't changed much, new pills graphics, random colors on the base and the added 164.5 size. What is more surprising though is the release of an earlier prototype, the Banana Hammock. This board features the Banana tech inversed camber too but also a convex sidecut. Basically, this is a surfboard for powder and should only be ridden by lucky bastards who ride in lots of deep powder.

For more info on the whole range, check the screenshots posted by Alex.

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Reader said...

njaa, which leaves me thinkg should my next board be from never summer, bataleon of lib tech.... ummm...