Hire me Burton

Up to 60" of new snow fell at Jay Peak, that makes yesterday the snow storm of the east coast to remember. The bad thing is, I'm stuck in an office in downtown Montreal. I have tried to add a special clause in my contract that states I don't work the day after snow falls but the company I work for didn't think it was acceptable. I know, plain crazy!

Burton on the other hand, is quite different. Apparently, it's even on the entrance door of their Burlington headquarters that if more than 2' of snow falls in a day, the next day, they are closed. So today, around 400 employees at Burton are on the slopes somewhere in Vermont.

I also heard the company likes that the employees try different products for testing purposes and just to know the products better. Another nice policy.

So if anyone at Burton reads this, I can do many things. I'm a graphic designer, I know about print, motion design, I have done logos, drawings, pattern for clothings, worked on shoe soles... I could really help you out... and ride whenever you need me to. Just contact me and I'm sure we can work it out.


Anonymous said...

yea, i see your pain... :)

Mark said...

I need an employer like that too! You work for Burton, I work for Rome SDS and there's 2' of fresh year 'round.
That'd be nice. Armm, let me rephrase that: that'd be perfect!