Winter's over, roll out the bikes

Is the winter already over? It didn't even start some will argue but it looks like the mountain bike season might start early in 2007.

While we are still not sure what season we're in, never sure if we should throw a board in the car or a bike up the roof when we leave from home, some will choose to stay in the city, other with more budget will hunt down the snow and head out west where they have almost too much of it. I'm getting in the bike mood more and more day by day. Like on typical boring rainy days, it's sometimes a good idea to visit something like a museum or a bike production facility. Don't have a bike company around the block? You have that famous interweb people are talking about, then go ahead, visit one of the best bike manufacturing facility.

Here is the article from the guide and here is the gallery of a visit of Cannondale. Note that you cannot just go anywhere you want and take pictures of anything you see, they have many secret technologies and manufacturing process but it's still interesting to see a few things that make Cannondale stand apart from the rest of the industry.

The guts of the Lefties.

What does it take to break a bike? Cannondale test everything from frames to other companies components they intend to put on their bikes.

Cannondale's unique tab and slot technology allows tubes to fit like a well made puzzle. A top tube cut in may 2005 will fit in a head tube made in November 2006 as well as if they were cut the same day.

A bunch of unpainted Prophet swingarms.

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