Why you should wear a helmet

Tuesday night, at Bromont, a 41 years old skier died from head injuries... of course, he wasn't wearing a helmet. He was also on a closed portion of the Cowansville that didn't have sufficient snow so dirt and rocks were exposed to rip skin and break bones. I don't have any pictures, sorry, they closed a few slopes when it happened so we had to ride the same few slopes for the rest of the night.

I wont try to convince you to wear a helmet if you are not already doing so, no. You can decide for yourself. But if you would be watching a hockey game and you would see a player without a helmet, what would you think? Nuts! Before, no hockey players wore helmets. Now, when I go mountain biking and see a rider without a helmet, I think to myself, am I back in 1993? This guy is asking for trouble! We could go back to when motorcycle riders didn't wear helmets but you get my point.

Back to snowboarding, 2007. The proportion of riders wearing helmets on the slopes is rising to close to 50% and will keep growing. Since this year, helmets are mendatory in all snowparks in the province of Quebec and I wouldn't be surprised if helmets get mendatory sooner or later all over the resorts, and not only here. Then, in a few years, we will look back at old pictures or movies and scream how old school looking is riding without a helmet.

So, do yourself a favor, get a helmet and start wearing it. It's warm, many helmets dont look bad at all, they are relatively cheap, it might save your life and it will prevent trails to be closed on the mountains for us non-dying riders. The faster you start wearing one, the faster we'll all think it looks stupid without one.


Lucidik said...

Now, I just can't ride without my helmet.

LP said...

Ah! Le débat des casques... En fait, c'est assez différent le ski de la moto ou du vélo. Personellement, je n'en porterais pas un mais je peux comprendre pourquoi certain le fond. Mais de là à le rendre obligatoire...

LP said...

hum... font.

lucidik said...

C'est que d'un autre côté, la station ne veut pas des gamins de 16 ans se fracturent le crâne dans son snow-park et que le lendemain on voit à la télé : Un AUTRE jeune meurt à Bromont.

faut pas oublier :
Flasques et casques, ça rime !