Is Burton ruining the best team?

Apparently, snowboard icon Devun Walsh (above) has left Forum after all these years. Iikka Backstrom and Lauri Heiskari also left and are now on DC with Devun... which leads to a rumor that DC will be making snowboards, or rather have another brand make boards with the DC logo. Names that are popping out as possible board maker are Rossignol and Mervin since they all are under the Quiksilver umbrella. To be continued but... speaking of Quiksilver and Lib, Travis Rice, who was the number 1 Oakley rider left the big O and will now be riding with Quiksilver outerwear and goggles.

We should have seen it coming, Burton buys Forum, Jeenyus, Special Blend and Foursquare, they first kill Jeenyus, they kicked BJ Leines out of Forum last year, they steal their i-Lock technology and now riders are starting to leave... That's what you get when only money matters.

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Anonymous said...

Please leave this sport if you're in it purely for the money, for the cool guy factor, & for anything else besides the love of sliding down a hill in unspoiled nature. Get off the mountain, KOOKS!!!