2008 snowboards already?

That's right, 08 snowboards, bindings, boots, goggles and what not are already appearing under pros feet and at the SIA in Vegas. What to expect next year on the slopes? New tech? Yes but mostly, just new styles, new looks and new trends as seen above with the always stylish and trendy JP Walker's new board, boots and matching bindings.

Burton is taking their child company Forum's technology and call it their own. I-Lock is split in half and the single rail replaces the one line of inserts on Uninc. boards. The new mounting patterns will, in typical Burton fashion, only work with Burton bindings.

The best-seller Dominant series from Burton will sport an old school skateboard grip tape pattern top sheet look. What's weird is that most kids buying these boards were in diapers back when we placed our grip tape like that. Maybe they are targeting older park riders.

Lib Tech won't release the Banana Hammock board just yet. For those who don't know about it, it's a very surf looking board with a reverse camber and reverse sidecut to ride powder just like a surfer ride waves. They still have half of it in the new Banana Skate snowboard with a regular Magne-Traction sidecut mated to a reverse camber to produce a very easy to ride fun machine. K2 also had a convexe camber board at SIA but just not as yellow and with regular edges of course.

At the recent X-Games, Travis Rice was seen riding his 08 board with... let's just say, much less hours spent on graphics. I'm just glad I got the 2007 board.

Hampus Mosesson was also riding a 08 board at the X-Games, probably next year's Gnu Rider's Choice.

Bataleon, like Lib Tech, wanted to make an easier to ride board so they came up with a base that is not flat. The middle part is flat and each side is lightly slanted to make the board less prone to catch an edge and make smooth edge transfers.

Other new products? Apparently, Nike will be making snowboard boots. We haven't seen a DC snowboard yet but I would be surpised to see new DC riders Devun Walsh, Lauri Heiskari and Iikka Backstrom riding prototypes for a whole year so I'm guessing we will see those sooner or later... I could go on but since we haven't spent nearly enough time on our 07 gear yet, I'll leave the rest for a later time.

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