Wear your helmet ti-casque!

If you are still one of those who don't wear a helmet when snowboarding, you may want to re-think your position. No? You don't want to look like a dork? A mama's boy? Un fif? Then you might be forced to change your mind, no concussion needed. Starting this season, helmets will be mandatory in every snowparks in the province of Québec. That's right. And while I think it's not a bad idea, I don't even have to convince you, if you want to hit rails, boxes, jumps and such, you have no choice. And it's a great Christmas gift idea.

Helmets have come a long way though and some don't look to bad. My favorites are Pro-Tec helmets. Why? The classic skateboard based B2 looks great, is cheap, it's available or upgradable with built-in Audio Force headphones and with SXP multi impact technology, it means you can actually use it and smack it down some hard snow and keep riding. Many other helmets need to be replaced after an impact... just make sure you are okay before hitting the next 50' gap. So... get a casque ti-casque!


Lucidik said...


You said it. In a few years anyway, we'll look at some pictures of us without wearing an helmet like we were driving our cars without wearing the seat belt.

LP said...


lp, Old School drunk masta!