My Lib Tech after one ride

Well, I finally got to ride my new Lib Tech Travis Rice and Ride Alpha Movement combo over the week-end...

In a few words: this board is sick! It has so much pop, it's crazy. When doing ollies and nollies, it really kicks you up! The board always seems to want more, like it's looking at me shouting: "is it all you got son?"... I hope I can give more to it once more snow falls and my body gets used to ride again.

After magazine reviews said it was a bit stiff for jibbing, I expected with apprehension a stiffer board but it's actually just how I like it: not noodly soft so it handles great outside the park but still soft enough to be jibbable. I had no trouble buttering and nose-pressing that thing. I just have to get used to it as it feels quite different from my last board, a Forum Peter Line. The Trice feels just so much more alive! Not that the Forum was not good but the Lib Tech is just a monster that wants more than I will ever be able to give.

At speed, it still has that give-me-more attitude. It's super stable going in either directions, I even thought I was riding switch better then I ever did. I could carve at speed going switch without being even noticed as being switched... until I popped 180s and kept on going on my normal stance.

The Magne-Traction edges didn't get to be fully tested since there were just tiny ice patches here and there but I never lost an edge even on these patches. Some people think the Mag is too catchy but I never had any problems, it's there when you need it and you don't feel it when you don't need it.

When ordering it, I first hesitated about the size. I wanted to get the 153 since it has relatively long effective edges and I wanted a board that could be spinned easily but I'm happy I went with the 157. I didn't jumped much but I managed to spin a few 3s and switch 3s with ease on the smallest bumps. It's just right and will be better for all-around riding including the rare powder days we get in the east-coast. It's wide enough to get decent float and to handle my big feet but still very quick edge to edge.

The bindings are great too, responsive and comfy, nothing to complain about. The only thing I was not sure about before I tried them was the convertible toe straps. I was expecting a sub par performance compared to the Burton cap-straps I had the last two years. After a week-end on them though, I am pleased. They hold the foot quite well and produce no pressure points on the foot for all day riding in comfort, about the same level as the cap-straps. The other components of the bindings are doing what they should to perfection and with enough style to get the approval from the resort's pimp!

The whole setup is light and should act as the ultimate tool to improve and stick a big smile on my face all winter long.

So the board is perfect, what about the Boards, Beers & Bratwürsts? It was a success too as far as I'm concerned. We sure had fun this week-end, on and off the mountain. Snowboards, friends, alcohol (maybe we had too much of that), it's all we need! More snow and girls are always welcomed of course! After working on saturday morning, I really left in a hurry. I knew I would forget something... It was the camera, could have been worst but I don't have any pictures of the week-end, sorry about that.

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